martedì 24 giugno 2014

Greenstuffing around!

Some small and green updates:

Dark Elven drakes,


And some Blood Bowl players:

My huge Kroxigor, obtained from a Daemon Prince.

 I sculpted an hand for an High Elf lineman.

And these big guys down here are part of a future team!

venerdì 23 maggio 2014

Dark Elves

Over the past few days I've been converting a few Dark Elves, so here they are!
(they're unfinished yet, missing green stuff. But they looked cool and I was eager to share them!)

First is a Lokir-look-a-like corsair leader/character.

Then his fellow liutenant, a merciless standard bearer.

 And here they are, both of them. Yarrrrrr!

Also, I assembled a trio of pegasus rider characters.
Why using pegasi when you can field drakes? :P

They can also be ranked up in a single unit, should the need arise.
From left to right: Viserion, Drogon and Rhaegal. Yeah, this is an easy one. ;)

Cool part is that they're magnetized, so dragons and riders can be fielded separately and their equipment can be swapped, too.

This is a split-up of the riders and some of their options.

And lastly, a Dark Sorceress on her pegasus. Yeah, this is an actual one.

 But she's also magnetized, so that she can swap mount as she fancies.

Small update:
I assembled another character, trying to have a removable Sea Dragon Cloak (before trying on the previous knights). I think it worked!

And these are the knights with the Sea Dragon Cloak upgrade!

Their mounted version.

martedì 13 maggio 2014

Ulthuan & Lustria

Two more teams I recently built, while painting the Orc team.

The Eldritch Raiders!!

 Left: linemen.

Right: positionals
(catcher, blitzer, thrower, blitzer and catcher)
And the first few models of the Lizardmen team.

domenica 27 aprile 2014

Waagh! in progress - pt.1

Small update on the painting of the Blood Bowl Orc Team.

Not much to say, I'll be doing these guys 4 at the time being the full team of 16 players.

martedì 22 aprile 2014

Green updates

Last few details before priming and painting-

I put a magnet on every base and made a ball out of green stuff and spare spikes.The ball is obviously also magnetized, so that the miniature holding it can take it around the pitch.
While I was at it, I drilled the hands of the throwers and of a lineorc, so that the ball could fit on their hands. 


 Then I based the whole team with sand. It's now primed black, ready for paint!